Belt Tech Industrial brings you SUPERIOR® Conveying, the world’s #1 conveyor manufacturer for bulk material handling. How did Superior Conveying become the innovation leader? Because it was founded by a family working in the gravel industry—and continues today with forward thinking solutions’ experts who know the industry inside and out.


TeleStacker® Conveyor

  • Overcome stockpile segregation
  • Portable or pit portable models
  • Production rates up to 5,000 TPH

Stacking Conveyors

  • TeleStacker® Conveyor
  • Portable or fixed radial stacking
  • Stackable and track-mounted models


Portable Transfers

  • Pre-engineered or custom overland
  • Fixed or portable conveyors
  • Transport multiple conveyors per load

RazerTail® Truck Unloader

  • Unload from belly, side or end dumps
  • Cycle times as little as 60 seconds
  • Maintain product quality


Overland Conveyors

  • Portable, over-the-highway models
  • Lightning fast setup times
  • Custom engineered solutions

Tunnel Reclaim

  • Maintain continuous feed
  • Tunnel Reclaim
  • Dozer Trap


Razerlink® Mobile Conveyor

  • Unload, transfer, stockpile, or load
  • Functions accelerate material handling
  • One time handling of material

Ports and Terminals

  • Ship loading and unloading
  • Barge loading and unloading
  • Portable, fixed and custom conveyors


Mobile Heap Leach System

  • TeleStacker® Conveyor
  • Horizontal Index Conveyor (HIC)
  • Horizontal Feed Conveyor