High-Impact & Tear-Resistant Conveyor Belts

Quarry Application
MAXX ROCK conveyor belts are the preferred alternative to conventional multi-ply belts in a number of tough, high-impact applications:

  • High Impact Applications such as Loading Rocks from Primary Crushers
  • High Fall Height of Material
  • Long Haul Applications with Low Elongation
  • High-Speed Unloading and Feeder Applications Prone to Presence of Tramp Material
  • Scrap Recycling Plants and Log Decks


High-impact, high-tear conditions—such as the continuous pounding of rocks from primary crushers—can cause conventional multi-ply conveyor belts to fail due to carcass fatigue and shorten conveyor life.

Unlike conventional multi-ply belts, MAXX ROCK conveyor belts are specifically engineered for high tenacity. The unique construction of the fabric ply and specifically-formulated cover compounds used in MAXX ROCK conveyor belts ensure higher longitudinal flexibility while guaranteeing very low elongation at working loads that standard EP/NN belts cannot handle. MAXX ROCK conveyor belts are made in single-ply or two-ply versions, offering strength ratings up to 1200 PIW.

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